Beginner(ish) Wednesdays

Try the One Hour Wednesday night class if you are new to yoga.  This is a mixed and open class but beginners are given special consideration with options for the stiff and ungainly!

The New Anti Antzi Kids Zone

I have aded a new kids class to the online timetable on Wednesdays at 4.30-5.30pm.  With all our kids at home they really need to exercise and meditate and … breath.  This is suitable for kids around 9 to 13 years old. We use ZOOM to create the online classroom. Your kids will stretch out and strengthen up, extend far out and then curl in close. Lots of deep nourishing breaths to let the bad stuff out. You’ll need a place that’s big enough to stretch out in all directions. A yoga mat would be great – but its ok if you don’t have one. Grab three beach towels and a belt – any belt will do. Click on the sign up button on the left and create new student account. Enrol and we will email you the ZOOM link just before the class begins. $16 a...

LiveOnline Update

Thank you for all your emails of support in this extraordinary and difficult time. I still can’t believe that the studio, out there in my garden, has ‘gone dark’. I do hope that you will all be able to stay close in spirit, if not in body, and that we will see each other on the screen for the online classes. I have now scheduled the LiveOnline classes for a few weeks ahead and you can register and pay for them the usual way that you do for studio classes. Please have a look at the new timetable and enrol in the sessions that suit you. Most are still 1.5 hours although there is a Saturday afternoon one hour restorative and two early morning 45 min classes. Saturday 11am class is still on the table. The early morning intensive time slot is still in there, however, I have reduced it to 1.5 hours and added it to the normal classes list as a ‘Level Two’. I encourage you to sit or practice pranayama before the class begins at 6.30 and/or to take some time at the end of the class for a longer savasana. I am also interested in offering some short kids sessions (anxiety is rife), but that might be an ‘on demand’ situation! I will have look at the schedule over Easter soon, as yet it isn’t reflected in the LiveOnline timetable. Marg Lum, Blye Wilson and Suzy Wolanski will be teaching some of sessions. Sebastian too….. however he has been called away on an urgent family matter to America. Which means that he doesn’t know how...

COVID – 19 update

As COVID-19 continues to spread, We are taking extra precautions at the studio to avoid contact with the virus and limit any possibility of it spreading it around. It is very important that if you feel any flu or cold symptoms please don’t come to class. I have made up  disinfectant spray bottles so that you can clean your mat and blocks before your class. There is On Guard hand soap and alcohol based hand gel available so that you can sanitise your hands before and after classes. I will be cleaning all the contact points daily with disinfectant. Yoga is not really an optional extra and I would like to keep the classes going through this developing situation. Practice is for the best and the worst of times and all the times in between. If you are not feeling well or the situation brings up anxiety or stress then let us know.  I am happy to advise sequences for home practice that can support and restore your immune system and help to calm you down. Always yours on the mat, Sue-ellen...

Christmas is coming!

Now is the time to get your discounted T’shirts ($30), Deodorant ($20), Mosquito Repellent ($20), Face Serum ($35), Props (purple blocks, stretchy belts) and Calming Oil Blend ($20).