Summer Practice Intensive

12 practice sessions + video recordings of sessions 

How to practice, what to practice, ways to practice. 

December 28 > January 28 | Monday – Thursday x 3 | 6.30-8.00 am

$250 plus gst  

Total $275

Studio Open for Classes again ……

We have now had a week and a bit of combined studio + online classes and so far so good. Temperature checks, cleaning, sanitising and mopping, mopping and mopping! But it has been wonderful to have actual bodies and warm smiles to connect with and teach.  Very difficult not to get in close and adjust you though.  I have taken to using a big long stick to push and prod you with, genius, even though it reminds me of my old Russian ballet teacher!

COVID safety plan

Having you back in the studio again is a very exciting prospect. We have missed you.  Unfortunately COVID 19 is a very invisible and sneaky disease. We may not think we have it but the reality is that we don’t know.  I am not going to be casual about this and it is not simply business as usual at BLYS now that classes are starting back up again. After much consideration I have decided to ask you to bring your own yoga swag (mat, blocks, belt, a blanket and a towel) to classes and then take it home again after class.  I understand that it may be inconvenient but it is ultimately the safest for all of us. The COVID safety plan below will help maintain a minimum risk for students and teachers at Black Lotus Studios.  The following requirements and practices will mean that you can be confident that we are looking after you when you come to the studio. At this stage classes will be limited to 12 students, plus the teacher and sometimes an assistant. To secure your place please book early. Casual attendance will not be possible. You must be booked in and paid online to attend the class.  If, after you have booked you find that you can’t attend please go into the system and cancel your booking at least 2 hours before the class start time. Because there is a ‘waiting list’ this will allow another person to join the class.  Cancellations later than this will not be refunded. You will need to bring your own mat, a belt, two blocks, a blanket and a...

Back in the studio from 20th July!

In studio classes are starting up again from the 20th July.  Most studio classes will also be live streamed.  Classes have a limited capacity and you must enrol before you come.  For an outline of the new protocols in place to keep us safe please go to the classes...

The online classes are all in full swing ….. Check out the timetable.  Classes are either open level or Level 2 and 1.5 hours or one hour  either.  With lots of classes and times through the week or over the weekend you’ll be able to find a time to suit the household...