Yoga Classes

At Black Lotus Studios we offer the opportunity to practice and explore Iyengar yoga in a supportive environment with highly trained, skilled teachers. There is a class, workshop or retreat to suit people of all ages and abilities. Payment and registration for classes and courses can be completed online or in person at the studio. For courses and workshops, payment is required 24hrs prior to the commencement time to secure a place. Please look at our class descriptions below to find a suitable class.

Introductory courses: If you have never been in a yoga class then you are best suited to our beginner courses.  Learn the basics from the ground up in a supportive and stable class and with a progressive and thorough system. Each beginners class is 1.5 hrs in duration. Courses vary in length from 3 – 8 weeks.

Open Level 1 Class: For those who have already done some yoga or those who have completed one or more introductory courses with us. These classes include active foundation work to balance the body (flexibility and strength) in preparation for inversions, back bends, twists and forward bends. If you are working with a condition or an injury then this level may also be the most helpful way of addressing your situation. More experienced students are always welcome to come along to these classes. There is something here for everyone. These classes are 1.5 hours in duration.

Open Level 2 Class: Level 2 is for students with a bit more experience in the method taught at Black Lotus Studios. A good level of stability, flexibility and balance is important to safely practice the wider range of asanas taught in these classes. Students in these classes are working towards establishing a regular home practice. At this level there will also be work with arm balances, deeper back bends and longer timing inversions. Regular attendance in at least 2 classes per week is encouraged.  These classes are 1.5 hours in duration.

Level 3 class/workshop: Level 3 classes are often scheduled as a workshop or intensive.At this level attendance is in blocks of 3-4 weeks and consistency with two or three classes per week is vital. Classes cover the full spectrum of possibilities. We’re up for it if you are. These classes are 2 hours in duration, providing an opportunity for more in depth work in a group of more experienced practitioners. At this level, students are expected to have a home yoga practice. Talk to your teacher before joining a Level 3 class.

Practice session: Students who are currently attending open classes are welcome to participate in these self-led practice sessions. The room is open from 9.30- 11.30. This is an opportunity for you to develop a personal practice sequence which is built off the foundation of the work done in class. Practice classes cost $5 per session.

Gentle Class: Gentle yoga classes are suitable for absolute beginners, seniors and people needing to work with injuries, illnesses or conditions. Slower paced classes, a gentle approach to developing flexibility and strength and a focus on restorative yoga asanas.

Corporate yoga class: Black Lotus offers corporate yoga classes taught by experienced Iyengar Yoga teachers.Yoga is a fantastic opportunity for anyone working in a corporate environment. Yoga addresses many of the issues that staff may face including pain, At stiffness, headaches associated with computer use and poor posture, and negative psychological stress. If you are interested in setting up an initiative of yoga in your workplace, please contact us for more information, or to discuss an individualized package.

Private class: Individual and group: All our teachers are available to teach private classes. Private classes are usually either one hour or 1.5 hours and are available for beginners through to advanced students. Private classes for individuals and small groups are available. Private classes can be useful for people with injuries and medical conditions requiring more support than is available in our beginners courses and general classes.