Easter Early Morning Intensive

Monday to Thursday
5-8 April
Studio | Virtual | Recorded



Like the Summer Practice Intensive it will be available in three ways.

Or just the Recordings accessed with a purchase of either the studio or virtual option.

Buying either the ‘Studio’ or the ‘Virtual’ option will include the recordings.

Please make sure that you put yourself on the roll for each day that you plan to attend in person at the studio. You will need to do that after purchasing the intensive as an extra step. It is not automatic and means that you can choose the days that you come in or live stream or sleep in. Numbers are strictly limited. When the studio is ‘full’ you can join the virtual link or practice with the recording later on.

The livestream link will be sent to everyone before the week begins and will be the same link each day.

The recording of the class will be sent after the class each day. You will have the recording to use whenever you want and there is no expiry date.

Latest News


Summer Practice Intensive

12 practice sessions + video recordings of sessions 

How to practice, what to practice, ways to practice. 

December 28 > January 28 | Monday – Thursday x 3 | 6.30-8.00 am

$250 plus gst  

Total $275

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Studio Open for Classes again ……

We have now had a week and a bit of combined studio + online classes and so far so good. Temperature checks, cleaning, sanitising and mopping, mopping and mopping! But it has been wonderful to have actual bodies and warm smiles to connect with and teach.  Very difficult not to get in close and adjust you though.  I have taken to using a big long stick to push and prod you with, genius, even though it reminds me of my old Russian ballet teacher!

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